What We Do


Our goal is to establish an inter-denominational Christian Trust that will represent and support the Light of Hope Mission in all aspects of its work by including and involving individuals and groups to help grow this mission in India.


1Naturally, helping raise finance is a key part of the work – finance that will be used to sustain the work of the Mission and help it grow through many exciting developments in the future.

To be able to achieve this necessitates a wide range of communication programmes that will draw people’s attention to the Mission.

The following are the three key areas of our work –


2Firstly we want to establish long lasting partnerships with churches and para-church ministries.

Naturally, there is a worldwide need for finance and support, particularly for children who are destitute from persecution, extreme poverty or sexual abuse/trafficking, just to name a few of the horrors. And unless the Christian community is aware of the many indigenous Christian missions working at ground level, there will be an “unknowing” on part of the church of some amazing local ministries.

So, secondly, we hope to be able to represent the Light of Hope Mission to churches and other interested bodies, by creating greater awareness by way of representation through talks, promotions and other interactive activities.


3Thirdly, we also want to work with individuals.

We do not have an “us and them” mentality and accordingly we want to empower individuals to represent the Light of Hope Mission at church, local community levels and beyond. We hope that we will be able to help more and more people take on a “Mission” perspective for their lives – “the harvest is white, the workers are few”.



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