The Mission

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The Light of Hope Mission is a Christian mission established in Cheppad, Kerala State, India. The Mission was established in 1991 by Mr Pappy Daniel and his wife Elsie.

The Vision

To train an army of born-again men and women to reach this country through door to door witnessing, open air campaigns, personal witness and the distribution of gospel literature in many Indian languages”

The Threefold Mission Statement

“Firstly, it is to reach the Indian villages with the message of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Secondly, to win the young generation for the right motivation and goal in life by seeking God’s Kingdom and righteousness and thirdly, to train boys and girls from early years to grow in wisdom and righteousness and to be good citizens of the country.

The vision and mission statements are being realised in the following ways

1The Orphanage

The orphanage accommodates approximately 110 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15. The children attend local (Christian) schools for their secular education and the orphanage trains them with Kingdom values through Bible studies and weekend Christian activities.


The Church Plant2

A church plant has been established which attracts some 60-80 local believers on a Sunday evening – many of whom are bussed into the church. The orphans and staff also attend the church. Preachers are invited from among the local Christian community to minister to the church.



3Community Projects

Community outreach is by way of a series of outreach programmes

  • Offering training in the fields of sewing and computer learning. These are important areas of empowering those who are exceedingly poor – to equip them to earn money by using the skills make money or to find work.1. Counselling for alcoholics and families with problem

    2. Assistance for poor villages to access medicine, with education and housing


Youth Mission4

Throughout the year the Mission reaches out to young people in many ways

1. Beach mission to the Hindu children

2. Bible schools that attract hundreds of children during the holidays

3. A major Youth Conference once a year in April which attracts three – four hundred or more teenage boys and girls over a period of four days.



The mission is actively involved in many other evangelism activities.

  1. There are three permanent evangelists who witness to the local community by way of door to door and through personal evangelism. The evangelists are also invited to preach at churches throughout the State.1. Seekers and follow up meetings are held in villages to establish new Christians.

    2. The mission is active in writing/producing tracts and Christian literature for distribution in other parts of India. Indeed, tens of thousands of gospel literature is printed in Tamil, Telegu and Hindi and shipped throughout the country to be used by other outreach workers

    3. The mission also translates books for publication and sold through the Christian bookshops in the area.6


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