Partners & Sponsors


We have recognised that if we are to be able to meet our goals, we will only be able to do so by having a firm set of partners who share in the Light of Hope’s vision and can identify with the work being carried out in India.  Consequently, we have prepared a series of presentations that will hopefully encourage individuals and groups to partner with us to strengthen the Light of Hope in every area of its endeavours.



Our world is made up of people of all shapes and sizes, ages and genders, and we are truly amazed how generous people can be.  As Christians we do know that when God touches people’s hearts, He also opens their pockets! However, we do not come with an emotional plea for partners, but we come with a request that is a spiritual, praying for a positive response to both spiritual and physical needs.

Maybe you’d like to join our prayer team – maybe you would like to sponsor a child for a year – maybe you’d like to offer some practical help.  Whatever it is you would like to offer, we would love to hear from you and include you as one of our partners. 



Mission is at the heart of God’s church. As a consequence we are i
nviting churches to partner with us in whatever way they think is relevant and uplifting to their congregation and members.  We are inter-denominational in character and are happy for all Christian churches to join us in Jesus’ great commission.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, we would be most willing to come and speak with your leaders or even the church corporately.

We already have the support of one Para-church ministry – that being Christian Journalers ( and we trust that many more such ministries will be encouraged to partner with us in one way or another.



Children have a very important role to play as we reach out to communities.  We are hoping that schools/teachers will be touched by the work that is being done in India and that they will be encouraged to partner with us as we develop some interactive programmes to include children and their families.

Of course, there are many other groups who love to get involved in charitable work, so we will be inviting them to come and join us in whatever way they feel they can best partner with us. 



We live in an age of sponsorship and whilst some sponsorship can be good and wholesome   other sponsorship can be overwhelming because of the demands made by the sponsor.

AS a small charity, we are looking for sponsors who are empathetic to our vision and are happy to sponsor some of our small needs, such as maintaining our website, helping with costs of publicity material and other stationary needs.

However, we will ensure that our sponsors are acknowledged with mentions on our website and other publicity material.


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