1The population scale of India is breathtaking, in fact in human terms we in the west are simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people –

One billion and two hundred million plus people

Eight hundred million people under the age of thirty five

Seventy percent of the people are in abject poverty living in slums

And when it comes to children, the figure astound –

Four hundred million children under the age of fifteen2

Thirty five million are orphans

Ten million girls are simply abandoned

Three million children live on the street

There are twenty million, maybe as many as fifty million child labourers

2/3rds of all children suffer physical abuse and fifty percent suffer sexual abuse or harassment.

Over one million, two hundred thousand children are involved in prostitution

3The spiritual dynamics are equally as mind blowing!

There are over three hundred million gods

These gods have held the people of India in bondage and darkness for centuries

It has been said that there are more Christians killed in India than in all the other countries of the world put together.

Over the next few months we will bring more information on India.  However, we don’t just want to focus on the darkness but we want to bring you stories of hope, of what God is doing in this vast human sub-continent of India 


4Kerala State is the most enlightened of Christian States of all India, where Christians account for   some twenty four percent of the thirty six million people who live there.  There are Christian bookshops and many visible sights of churches and places of Christian worship and education.

The Christian scene is diverse and the State is the most literate and well educated State in India.  Protestants include Baptists and many Pentecostal groups who are probably the most pro active outreach movement in the State.  One of the greatest spiritual needs in Kerala is for the denominational churches to seek unity and speak with a common voice of salvation to its citizens.

However, the candles of Christian faith are flickering throughout the State and there are many voices crying out for a mighty revival, that the Spirit of God would fan those flickers into flames to spread out of Kerala into the nation beyond.

CHEPPAD, Alleppey District

5Cheppad is a scenic village of some 36,000 people in the Alleppey District of Kerala.   It lies about halfway between the two largest cities in the State, Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram on the National Highway 47 that runs north – south through the State.

Cheppad is turning into a town of the future with the already existing national thermal power station, new government medical college, modernisation of Cheppad railway station and 5-star hotels in the neighbourhood.

It is in Cheppad that the Light of Hope Mission is situated.  The Mission is approximately a quarter mile from the main highway and is well serviced by shops and banks.  There is poverty, but not on the same scale as to be found in the larger cities further north in India.

6The Mission is well known by all the locals and even further afield in the region and it is to these communities and to those who live in spiritual darkness that it stands as a “Light of Hope”.

However, many are praying that God will do even greater things – that, He will bring revival by a mighty outpouring of His Spirit to this village, region and State, starting from the Mission itself.



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