How You Can Help


We are delighted that we can invite you to support us in so many ways.

But in the same way as Jesus turned everything upside down to make it the right way up, we want to do exactly the same – by putting spiritual issues before practical and financial matters.

So, please look through the various ways in which you can help and let us know where and how you’d like to support us.



We want and need prayers.  We want and need people, people who can commit themselves to pray for the Light of Hope and all its activities from the Mission itself to the various activities being developed by the Trust to support all that is happening in India.

If you have a heart for prayer, please turn to our “Partners and Sponsors” page and learn how you can become a prayer partner and intercede for the Light of Hope.



Practical help can come in different ways.  Of course some of the practical help may need finance also, but in an age of specialised knowledge and skills, we are sure that there will be many opportunities for help to be offered.

At present there is an urgent need to buttress the roofs of the boy’s dormitory with raised roofing (as 4shown in the picture) that will provide run-off water and drainage from the heavy storms and monsoons which have done great damage to the brickwork.

Maybe there is someone who can even visit the Mission and manage a small team to erect this roofing? Please let us know if you have these skills and would like to help in this area of work.



5Here in England we are looking for someone to work with the Trustees to lend a few hours

each month to assist in the planning of events and promotions that hope to be rolled out in the future – someone who is flexible and has basic computer skills. Someone who is flexible with a good sense of humour and has a heart for God and the work we are doing.

Just drop us a line or call us direct to learn more about what we want done.



We are only too aware that the need for financial support is great for agencies and missions throughout the world.  The Light of Hope is no different as it seeks to sustain its programme of providing a home and education for some one hundred and twenty children and also reaching out to the community with projects to empower and to bring hope into broken lives.  We trust that you have been touched with what you have read and would like to give.

We have identified the following areas which you may like to consider for your giving;



Currently there are some sixty or so children who are not yet sponsored.  Ages range from five to fifteen, so sponsorship can be for one year for the older children and longer should you choose to commit yourself to a long term sponsorship.

We encourage written communication and the giving of modest gifts for special occasions such as birthday and Christmas.

If you would like to explore this opportunity, please write in the first instance and we will send you all the necessary paperwork and answer any questions you may have.



Running costs are kept to a minimum, but include power, gas, fuel and food.  The children are provided with clothing and all food (three meals per day) and naturally all the schooling costs are also met.

More details are available if you wish to support in the regard.


9The Mission supports some forty staff, some full time, some part time and some merely volunteers.  All the staff is Christian and each person provides love and compassion for the children. Under the directorship of Pappy Daniel, there are managers, admin ladies, wardens, carers, retired specialist teachers, cooks, cleaners, security guards, drivers, and evangelists.

If you would like to support financially this important aspect of the Mission, please write for more information.



These needs fall into two distinct areas.

The first is general maintenance for the Mission itself which includes two dormitory buildings, one for the boys and one for the girls, and the admin, teaching and church block.  As can be appreciated, there is ongoing maintenance required – everything from garden clearing to plumbing and electrical cabling.

The second great need is finance for specialist storm water roofing over the existing buildings in order to prevent brick work erosion which is becoming a matter of urgency for the oldest building that houses the boys and provides teaching for the tiny tots.

Please see the picture above regarding practical work.



There is an on-going need for both stationary such as pens, pencils and crayons and medical items such as paracetamol and antiseptic creams. These will be sent out on a regular basis to the Mission.



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