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eventsOne of our goals is to stage events that will raise money for the Light of Hope in India. However, not all these events will be directed to the Christian community.  We believe that local communities should be given the opportunity to support the children’s home.  Consequently, we hope to be staging charity events with themes that will attract a wider audience than just our Christian brothers and sisters.

Some events being considered are –

  • Comedy and Curry – an evening of food and laughter
  • Paul Paulson in concert – live and interactive
  • An evening with Jean Watson
  • A Bonfire night charity event with a difference!
  • An Indian cultural evening (with a Christian take).

As we work toward staging these events over the months and even years to come, this section will give full details with what’s being developed…

And if you have any ideas to strengthen what we’d like to do, then don’t be shy, write and tell us your ideas and we’ll add them to our “pot” of possible events for the future!