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prayerPrayer is the very life force that sustains us as Christians and it is a critical ingredient of all that we do at the Light of Hope.  The Mission in India was founded on prayer, is being sustained through prayer and will its future will be dependent upon prayer.  Oswald Chambers once said that “Prayer is the work”.  We wholeheartedly subscribe to that statement.

We don’t only want to use this section to bring needs before you we’d also like to counterbalance your prayers of intercession by bringing you the answers to your prayers – to give thanks for all His mighty works.

We have a wonderful God and we know that He waits to hear from us as and loves to answer us – and when we pray for those issues that are in His heart, we know that He cannot refuse our requests.


Consequently, we start of by inviting you to pray for the eight children who were offered a place at the orphanage and travelled for two and a half days by train from Varanasi to Cheppad.  They arrived safely and have now been embraced by the mission and are also attending the local school.  So far so good!

However, their stay at the children’s home is somewhat precarious as the authorities between the States of Kerala and Uttar Pradesh cannot agree with the paperwork and until they do, these children’s residency is at risk.

Please would you kindly pray that –

God would intervene in this situation –

  • That the documentation will be completed to the satisfaction of all the authorities concerned.
  • That the children will not be anxious and fearful of there being a negative outcome
  • That the children will be quickly and peaceably integrated into the home and the community.


Please give thanks to God for the safe and blessed visit to India of Rennie and Dorothea Clarke. Pray that God will guide them as they seek to establish and grow the Mission-Trust partnership in a manner meets the needs of the Light of Hope Mission in India and empowers people in the west to support all its work, practically, financially and spiritually.